“Life is short. Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly”
~ Paulo Coelho


I’m Andrea Segeren, and I have dedicated my entire life to helping others. 

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to learn more about me.


28 years ago, I began a nursing career and found it to be a perfect fit. But as years passed, I discovered I had more to offer and explore. I continued in the Healthcare field, but on a different level, implementing New Technology for Healthcare Workers.

These two jobs lasted for about 12 years. Then I was given this amazing opportunity to take care of my beautiful mother—who was terminal. YEP… Cancer. I was blessed to be off for eight weeks on a bereavement leave to care for her. Sadly, she passed away in November of 2011.

The year 2011 was extremely tough (it actually sucked). I watched my mother battle cancer, had my Dalmatian of 15 years euthanized and returned to work after my bereavement leave, to find out my job no longer existed. OK God, enough…

I took a year off to soul search and to heal from the heavy grief that surrounded me. I then decided to get out of the house and work part-time for a local school board which ended up being full-time.

I worked there until 2018 when I had to go on a short term/long term leave for a back injury. Needless to say that was my toughest year yet. Not being able to do the things I love, such as running, volleyball, golf or even being able to walk or sit for 20 minutes, was all taken away from me. 

Test after test, a back injection, many, many, many therapy treatments, narcotics, antidepressants, more narcotics, I had literally lost it. I was anxious, depressed and in desperate need of healing. Chronic Pain had taken over my life and I needed to claim it back.

Heavily relying on my wonderful husband Dennis, who is truly my everything, my two amazing kids, Caiden and Janelle (whom I love dearly) and my sweet little Chocolate Lab Kahlua, I somehow found my way through that difficult time. This lead me to the feeling that something was missing in my life. 

Not knowing a thing about yoga, other than reading it was good for you, I began to try it a few days a week and absolutely love it. 

I spent COUNTLESS hours immersing myself in Reiki, Essential Oils, Spiritual and Self Healing Books, Affirmations, Pod Casts, Courses etc. and prayed for guidance daily to help find my way.

My prayers have been answered. I am off ALL my medications—there were a lot,  enjoying my walks out in nature, and this amazingly healed body. My Mind, Body and Soul are finally aligning.  

I am a Certified Reiki Master (Dr. Mikao Usui), Certified Angel Guide, Certified in Aromatherapy, working on finishing my book that I wrote in 2014 and and and…….I cannot stop learning. WOW, who knew!

Thank you UNIVERSE, (It is SO Abundant), Thank you ANGELS, for guiding me to this new path. We are going to ROCK this calling. Whoot Whoot!!! 

Three things I bring to every Healing Session is AUTHENTICITY, EMPATHY and TRUTH. One of my greatest joys in life is helping others, and I am excited to help YOU along your Wellness and Spiritual Journey. Be open and TRUST!



  Andrea  ❤ 

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